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Oakland Speedway Zip Hoodie
Oakland Speedway Zip Hoodie
Oakland Speedway California

Oakland Speedway Zip Hoodie

The Oakland Speedway opened on October 17, 1931 to a crowd of 28,000 fans who cheered as Ernie Triplett sped off the high bank at full throttle winning the 100-mile feature race at the Stadium’s dedication.

Built on what was once farmland in San Leandro, CA, the Oakland Speedway was considered at the time to be “the fastest dirt mile track in the country”. The one-mile, banked dirt track featured AAA National Championship races with Indy cars and drivers from 1931 until 1936.  Every fall the track hosted the "Oakland 500" race. The thrills of AAA-sanctioned racing was now on the West Coast and fans could see the drivers that would compete in the Indianapolis 500 race.

In 1936 the American Automobile Association withdrew from the racing scene on the West Coast. From 1936 to 1941, the Oakland Speedway hosted big car, stock car, midget, motorcycle, and roadster races.

Bay Area native Sam Arena shattered the 200-mile speed record when he roared across the finish line on his WLDR Harley Davidson at the 200 mile Pacific Coast Championships held at the Oakland Speedway on November 27th 1936. 

The Speedway’s end came in late 1941 when the stadium’s lease ended and US wartime was declared. All Auto Racing was ordered to cease in an attempt to preserve fuel and rubber. The final blow to the speedy oval came when the grandstands caught fire.

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