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Boca Brewing Co. T-Shirt
Boca Brewing Co. T-Shirt

Boca Brewing Co. T-Shirt

Boca Brewing Company

When the founders of the Boca Brewing Company placed their stake in the soil of Boca, California in 1875, they had everything they needed to produce the first genuine lager brewed in the Golden State. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada, by the Truckee River, these beer pioneers had it all: crisp spring water, ice aplenty, and the Central Pacific Railroad to whisk their brews far and wide.

Unlike the "Steam Beer" or “California Common” of the era, Boca's lager needed a cool, slow fermenting process, setting it apart, and it was soon declared the finest true lager beer on the Pacific Coast. At its peak, this brewery was a local titan, churning out up to 30,000 barrels a year, and delivering their celebrated Boca Beer from coast to coast in record time.

By the 1880’s, the adoption of mechanical refrigeration by other breweries in the Bay Area posed competition to Boca Brewing Company’s claim as the sole producer of California genuine lager. The true demise for Boca Beer came in 1893 when the brewery burned to the ground.


Super soft 52% cotton / 48% poly. Bella + Canvas unisex tee. Machine Washable.

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