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Albion Brewery T-Shirt
Albion Brewery T-Shirt

Albion Brewery T-Shirt

Albion Ale & Porter Brewery 

Back in the day, the Albion Castle and Albion Ale & Porter Brewery was a place of effervescence, bubbles and laughter where folks of a bygone San Francisco gathered. The Castle, located on the outskirts of San Francisco in an area known as Hunter’s Point, was built in 1870 by John Hamlin Burnell, a 21-year-old English immigrant. It featured a four-story tower built from stones modeled after Norman fortifications. The son and grandson of English brewmasters, Burnell knew he had a secret advantage: access to an underground reservoir of pure cold spring water, perfect for brewing ales in the English tradition. Underneath the castle, he dug out two 200-foot caverns that were a steady 58 degrees, and the perfect place to store and ripen his ale. Each of these underground cisterns held up to 10,000 gallons of fresh spring water. At the time, Burnell was the only brewer on the West coast who brewed genuine ale and porter, on account of the pure spring water and the hops and malt he imported from England. Burnell died in 1890 and the operation of the brewery fell to his wife Fanny and brother Frederick. Prohibition eventually forced the brewery to close down in 1919 and reopen as the Albion Water Company, providing drinking water from the underground cisterns up until 1947. The Albion Castle was established as a historical landmark in 1974.


Super soft 100% cotton. Bella + Canvas classic fit unisex tee. Machine Washable.

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