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Remarkable Alameda Women in History

Posted by Tara Eglin on

In honour of Women's History Month, we’re tipping our hats to some remarkable Alameda women in history.

“Alameda Softball Queens bring home World Title Trophy”

That was the headline in 1939 when the J.J. Krieg women’s softball teamwon back-to-back national softball championships. “One of the best feminine outfits ever to be assembled in California,” the Alameda team won more than 100 games in a row (some against men’s teams). They were the first women’s softball team west of the Mississippi to win the title, and performed in front of a crowd of over 35,000 fans in the 1938 championship game at Soldier Field. Team members included Alameda High alums Tillie Souza and Aloha Knoblich, pitcher Wilda “Willie” Mae Turner, one of the best hurlers of all time, and Olympic javelin thrower Gloria Russell Hillenbrand.

When you see the Alameda Girls Softball League on the diamond today, know that they are carrying on a tradition of champions!
We tip our caps to these great athletes.

Did you know Alameda had it’s own mermaid?

In 1912, nineteen year-old Alamedan, Nell Schmidt set a record for speed and endurance by swimming across San Francisco Bay
in 3 hours and 6 minutes. Later that same year, she swam around all 4 of the Seal Rocks near the Cliffhouse, a feat never before performed by man or woman. Nicknamed, The Alameda Mermaid, she competed in Swimming events at Neptune Beach and forever changed women’s swimsuit fashion by swimming in men’s abbreviated, one-piece silk suits. In 2011 the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame recognized Nell as one of the early pioneers of open water swimming.



Alameda J.J. Krieg Softball

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  • My father’s mother…our beloved Nell.

    Robbie soltz on

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